Available VM Images and Configurations

The CADES OpenStack allocations can use either CADES-provided images or user-added images for the VM Instances. However, for full compatibility and best reliability, we strongly recommend that customers use one of the CADES images.

CADES Images

The CADES team currently provides two Linux images for use in OpenStack.

Features of CADES Images

CADES images have been preconfigured with the following features and modifications.

Naming Scheme for CADES Images

The CADES naming scheme is based around a CADES_$OSRELEASE_v$BUILDDATE_$RELEASE formatting. The $RELEASE field is always a single digit, with a 1 indicating a production version of an image and a 0 indicating a development version of the image.

User Images

While you can run user-provided images in OpenStack, the CADES team strongly recommends that customers use CADES-provided images for best reliability and integration in the ORNL environment. CADES will not provide support for user-provided images. If you still want to run a custom cloud image please contact the ORC Tickets Support for your request.

Important Notes for Available VM Images

Once an image is launched as a volume, the image is no longer tied to the volume. If the base image is updated, those updates would not propagate to the Instance and vice versa.

Available VM Instance Flavors

CADES Cloud allocations are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. The size options can be viewed during VM setup.

If you see that your needs cannot be met by one of our preset configurations, feel free to contact the ORC Tickets Support.