Launch a VM: Intro

Creating and launching a VM Instance is one of the first steps to utilizing your CADES Cloud allocation. When launching a VM, you will choose a name for your Instance, which network it will utilize (internal or external), which operating system you would like to run (CentOS or Ubuntu), and which VM flavor you need for your application.

📝 Note: When launching a new VM Instance, be aware that your VM Instance name may also serve as your DNS host name. This name can contain up to 20 alphanumeric characters and a hyphen. No special characters are permitted, and the host names are case sensitive. For example, good: my-instance-server, no good: my_instance&server. See RFC 952 and RFC 1123 for more information.

If you would like to have a DNS host name for your instance, please contact the ORC Tickets Support with the Instance Name and the OpenStack Project ID.


You will need to have a CADES Cloud allocation before you can launch your VM Instance using the web GUI. The link below will show you how to request your CADES Cloud allocation.

📖   How to: Request Your CADES Cloud Allocation

There are three primary steps to complete to have a functioning VM Instance. These steps are outlined below. After each section a link is provided where you can find more information and in-depth descriptions about the configuration options.

  1. Log in to Horizon, name your VM.
  2. Choose a flavor, image, and boot source.
  3. Set up a security group.
  4. Configure a key pair for accessing the VM.