Create a Snapshot of a VM Instance

A VM snapshot is an instantaneous duplicate of an instance. A snapshot of an instance can be used to back-up data, to create a restore point, or as the basis of an instance and booted up at a later time. A snapshot can be booted as a new VM Instance and contains an image of the state of the filesystem at the moment that the snapshot is taken.

Log in to Horizon

  1. Navigate to the Horizon web interface at
  2. Log in with your UCAMS credentials.
    • Domain: ornl
    • Username: Your three-letter UCAMS ID
    • Password: Your UCAMS password

From here, you can manage your VM Instance(s) from within Horizon.

Create a Snapshot

  1. Navigate to ProjectComputeInstances.
  2. Click on Create Snapshot for the Instance.
  3. In the window that appears, choose a descriptive name for your snapshot and then click Create Snapshot.
  4. Once the snapshot is created, a list of snapshot will appear. You can later navigate to this list by navigating to Navigate to ProjectComputeImages.
  5. From the Images screen you can launch, edit, or delete the snapshot.

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