Resize an Existing VM Instance

Sometimes users may wish to add CPU or Memory resources to an existing VM instance. This can be accomplished easily through the Horizon interface:

  1. Navigate to your Instances List at
  2. Under Actions on the right-hand side, select Resize Instance for the instance you wish to resize.
  3. You will be prompted to select a new Flavor.
  4. As long as the new flavor fits in your Allocation, click Resize in the bottom right corner and your instance will begin resizing.
  5. Your instance will reboot into the new flavor. Once this is complete, click Confirm Resize or Migration.

At this point, your instance will be up and running at the size you selected.

⚠ Increasing the size of a root volume may require Contacting the ORC Tickets Support. This might apply to your volume if you did not select an ephemeral volume.