Using Eclipse IDE

Tutorial contributed by Fengming Yuan. Note: User-provided tutorials are not supported by CADES.

Using the Eclipse IDE

NOTE: Here is an example of create new fortran project, e.g. PFLOTRAN

STEP 1. Log into CADES

by X-windows from your local terminal (e.g. XQuartz on Mac OSX, or Cygwin-X on Windows OS).

ssh -X
(input ucams/xcams id and pwd)

STEP 2. START eclipse

(note: you may create a link, such as optional command in the following, or add export eclipse=/software/user_tools/current/cades-ccsi/eclipse in .bashrc)

$ export eclipse=/software/user_tools/current/cades-ccsi/eclipse
(note: this is optional, otherwise, you can directly start the program)

#(this will start ECLIPSE in GUI shown in your desktop/laptop)

STEP 3. Create a project

WELCOME page (if first time) & FILE DROP-DOWN menu:


NEW ... PROJECT configuration:

GENERIC Interface/windows of ECLIPSE:

(note on how to add/create source codes)

MORE on windows...


STEP 4. Build project

4.1 Project Properties Editing

Right-click on the Project in 'Project Explorer' window ...

4.2 Building settings

Editing as what you NEEDED ... e.g. Build Directory (NOTE: you may browse your file system)

4.3 Building behavior editing


4.4 Clean up (previous) build (OPTIONAL)

IF you would like to, clean previous build of project, by Right-click project, followed by clicking on 'Clean Project'

4.5 Build your project

Right-click on your project, then click on 'Build Project'

Building progress ......

After Building Successfully.

IF NOT, clicking the 'error' code file and editing in the 'editor window'


STEP 5. Run project

(NOTE: it's NOT allowed to directly run a program from the login node on CADES!)  

Run your executables in terminal, OR, include your built library (as USUALLY you do)