DGX User Policy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL) Compute and Data Environment for Science (CADES) provides eligible customers with DGX resources. These resources are primarily for running GPU workloads in containers. Users should note that the software environment available on the DGXs vary significantly from that found in the Condo and this is by design. The DGXs are configured with miminal in-OS software support with the expectation that users will provide their software environments in their containers.

Acceptable Use

Computers, software, and communications systems provided by DGX are to be used for work associated with, and within the scope of, an approved project. The use of DGX resources for personal or non-work-related activities is strictly prohibited. All computers, networks, email, and storage systems are property of the US Government. Any misuse or unauthorized access is prohibited and is subject to criminal and civil penalties. CADES systems are provided to users without any warranty. CADES will not be held liable in the event of any system failure or data loss or corruption for any reason, including, but not limited to: negligence, malicious action, accidental loss, software errors, hardware failures, network losses, or inadequate configuration of any computing resource or ancillary system.

User Responsibilities

All CADES DGX must comply with ORNL security rules and with the following:

Application for Resources

Access to DGX is available to ORNL research and technical staff, by request, through CADES. The request is made through the ORNL XCAMS portal and requires your UCAMS ID. An activation notice will be sent when your resources are ready for use.

DGX Software Policy

The DGXs are provided to support container workloads requiring GPUs. The user is expected to build all software in support of her/his containerized application in NFS projects areas or on Lustre. The DGXs will provide:

Additionally, some very helpful, vendor-supplied containers are available in '/containers.' Users should feel free to peruse containers in '/containers' to determine if any proves useful.

Users can build their containers in Cades for use with Singularity in several ways as indicated in the Cades Container Policy. CADES is not obligated to provide software on demand for DGXs.

DGX Storage Policy

Persistent NFS and Lustre storage is available on the DGXs in a manner consistent with Cades Open Research Condo. In addition, there is high performance, NVME-based, local scratch storage that is availabe for jobs requiring frequent, very fast, disk I/O during execution. Users who need this capability should stage their job's data into this area at the beginning of their job and out again, to either Lustre or NFS, at the end of their job. Please note, as with the rest of the Cades OR Condo, local scratch areas provide no guarantee of long term data persistence. Also, please note, it is solely the responsibility of the user to copy data off to either NFS or Lustre for longer term storage.