Externally Accessing CADES Resources - UCAMS Accounts

You may find you need access to CADES resources from off-campus.

This guide is intended to provide ORNL users (ucams account holders) guidance on how to access some of the most common CADES resources. If you need further assistance, you can contact the CADES team and ORNL Solution Center.

External ORNL (XCAMS) Account Holders

External ORNL (XCAMS) account holders should see this guide as these users have other access methods available.


The ORNL VPN is the easiest way to access CADES resources from a remote network. However, you must have an ORNL managed laptop with the VPN client installed. Contact the Solution center (solution@ornl.gov) for instructions about how to install and engage the ORNL VPN.

One you have the VPN, the Process is simple:

  1. Engage the ORNL VPN
  2. Login to CADES as you would at ORNL.

ssh userID@or-slurm-login.ornl.gov


ssh userID@mod-slurm-login.ornl.gov

All ORNL resources should work just as they do when you are working at ORNL.

ORNL External Login Node - Requesting

ORNL maintains the external login nodes login1.ornl.gov and login2.ornl.gov

Use of these requires:

The ORNL Solution Center can provide assistance for both the above. CADES can not request these on your behalf.

You can self request the "External Login Server' role from https://ucams.ornl.gov.

UCAMS Website Access

The UCAMS website is not available externally, unless using ORNL VPN or via Citrix - both of which require an ORNL RSA Token. If you are unable to access the UCAMS site to request the resource, please contact the ORNL Solution Center. They can request the resource for you.

ORNL External Login Node - Accessing

Once you have an RSA Token, and have requested the ORNL Login Server resource, you can ssh to login1.ornl.gov or login2.ornl.gov and then to CADES resources.

ssh ucams@login1.ornl.gov

From here you can access internal resources, including:

The external user access guide provides information for accesing each of the above.

The main support documentation is publicly available at https://docs.cades.ornl.gov/.