Authoring Guide for CADES

Perhaps you've got some how-to documents tucked away in folders that you'd like to share with the CADES community. Or maybe you've discovered a way of doing things that would benefit other users.

We've assembled here the fundamental authoring guidelines for CADES user documentation.

Document and Content Preferences


The following Python Markdown extensions are enabled for use currently:

Extension Description
admonition Adds rST-style admonitions. rST suggests the following “types”: attention, caution, danger, error, hint, important, note, tip, and warning.
footnotes Syntax for defining footnotes1.
tables Create tables in Markdown.
toc Add a table of contents

Example TOC

An example of table of contents for this page inside of an admonition (note):

Pictures and Images

Screenshots and images cannot be resized using markdown. Therefore, we embed .html that is rendered when we publish the tutorial to the documentation site.

<a target="_new" href="screenshots/ssh_import_pub_key.png">
  <img src="screenshots/ssh_import_pub_key.png" style="border-style:ridge;border-color:#bfbfbf;border-width:1px;width:550px;" />

Other Considerations

CADES Brand Guide

The CADES brand helps define our resources and team culture. A portion of the guide is provided here to assist you in choosing a color scheme for your media and documentation.

Download CADES Abridged Brand Guide