Delete a VM Instance from your Project

At some point you may wish to delete a VM Instance from your project. This can help a user free up space in his or her allocation or clear out old Instances that have outlived their usefulness. Deleting a VM Instance is a simple process, outlined in the procedure below.

Log in to Horizon

  1. Navigate to the Horizon web interface at
  2. Log in with your UCAMS credentials.
    • Domain: ornl
    • Username: Your three-letter UCAMS ID
    • Password: Your UCAMS password

From here, you can manage your VM Instance(s) from within Horizon.

Delete an Instance

  1. Navigate to ProjectComputeInstances.
  2. Click the ▾ drop-down menu of the Instance you wish to delete.
  3. Select Delete Instance from the resulting menu.
  4. Click Delete Instance in the dialog.
  5. Confirm that the Instance is scheduled for deletion.

📝 Note: Deleting a VM Instance does not delete the volume associated with the Instance. To remove both, you must follow the Delete a VM Instance procedure and the Delete a Volume procedure.

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