ORNL Research Cloud Getting Help

In addition to OpenStack's documentation, the CADES team has assembled a list of frequently asked questions, a glossary, and detailed information to help you get moving on your OpenStack Project.

If you have questions that were not answered in the resources listed here or would like to open a trouble ticket:

ORC Support

There are two primary ways to request support in the cloud.

For ORNL Internal Users

Preferred Ticket Support Page: ORC Tickets Support

Email: (orc-ops@ornl.gov)[mailto:orc-ops@ornl.gov]

For ORNL External Users

Email: (orc-ops@ornl.gov)[mailto:orc-ops@ornl.gov]

SAFER Firewall

If you have questions about getting your SAFER firewall rules in place, email the SAFER team directly at opsapprovers@ornl.gov.

General OpenStack Usage Questions

The OpenStack community has extensive documentation, a general mailing list, and a mechanism for asking general OpenStack usage questions. These resources can be indispensable for new users, and the CADES support team recommends that new users leverage the OpenStack documentation and other support features for general OpenStack questions.

Information Description
OpenStack documentation OpenStack maintains significant documentation for general OpenStack usage. The user manuals cover OpenStack's functionality in depth, although not all of the features listed in their documentation are available from CADES.
ask.openstack.org General end-user resource with questions and answers.
OpenStack mailing list General questions mailing list, OpenStack operations mailing list, and a developer mailing list.

Frequently Asked Questions