Graphical Login Access to the SHPC Condos

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This service has been decommissioned for now. Please contact for any questions.

The Graphical Login Service provides fast and secure access to a Linux desktop environment within the CADES SHPC Condos. This service is recommended for users that need to run visualization tools or other graphical applications on the cluster without installing an X11 server on their local desktop. This service also works better at displaying OpenGL applications than traditional X11 forwarding. Users that only require terminal (text based) access to the cluster are advised to connect with ssh instead.


  1. Request access to the CADES SHPC Condos and wait for it to be approved
  2. Choose from one the following options for using the required ThinLinc client

How to Connect

Open Protection Zone

  1. Launch the ThinLinc client
  2. Configure the connection settings

    • Set the Server to
    • Set the Username to your UCAMS/XCAMS ID
    • Set the Password to your password

    alt text

  3. Click Options

    • Click the Screen tab
    • Select an appropriate screen resolution for your display
    • Uncheck Full screen mode
    • Uncheck Enable full screen mode over all monitors
    • Click OK

    alt text

  4. Click Connect

    alt text

Moderate Protection Zone

Coming soon!

Using the Desktop Environment

Open a Terminal

  1. Click Applications in the top menu bar
  2. Click System Tools
  3. Click MATE Terminal

alt text

Disconnect From Your Session

If you want to keep your session running and resume it later, you should close the ThinLinc window to disconnect. Please note that if CADES experiences an outage or if this server has to be restarted for any reason, you will loose your session and any unsaved work.

  1. Close the ThinLinc window to disconnect from your session
  2. Connect as you normally would to resume your session

alt text

End Your Session

If you are finished with your ThinLinc session and do not wish to resume it later, it is recommended that you logout.

  1. Click System in the top menu bar
  2. Click Log Out
  3. Confirm that you are ready to log out

alt text

Known Issues