Globus Transfers & More

Globus File Transfers

  1. Find the endpoints (on the left and right of the screen) you wish to use according to the endpoints instructions.
  2. Modify the paths to the data you wish to transfer. For this example, we will move a file from CADES Lustre storage to OLCF Atlas.
  3. Click and drag files/folders between the two halves of the screen.

  4. Create a Folder: Globus also supports the creation of folders from within the browser interface.

Sharing Access

Globus provides multiple ways to share access to data. The 'File Manger' panel within the Globus web interface provides options in the middle column for:

Share (folder):

You can re-share folders which makes them appear as an endpoint which can be searched for and activated by Globus users. You can defined the access controls required to access your share. 📝 Note: You must contact CADES ops and request sharing be enabled for the desired location. Please provide the full filesystem path you wish sharing enabled on.

Sharing a Folder as a Globus endpoint:

The Link option provides a handy link to allow users (with institutional credentials and permissions to the share) access.

Shared Guest Collections

Shared Guest Collections are an additional method where you may grant access to a folder to with anyone who has a Globus account.

You may also setup your own endpoints using the Globus Personal Client, both to ease transferring data for yourself and to provide another data sharing method.