Access Your VM Instance Using Horizon

The Horizon web GUI also has a built-in console from which you can access your VM Instance once you have added a generic user over SSH. Note that this is not the preferred method, and that the CADES team recommends using the traditional SSH connection for accessing your VM Instance.


The Horizon console uses a simple username/password authentication model, and cannot leverage SSH key pairs for authentication. This means that you cannot use the console with the "cades" username or your UCAMS credentials.

As a result, to access your VM Instance using the Horizon console, you must first use SSH to create a non-UCAMS user. More info on creating users is available here.

Log in to Horizon

  1. Navigate to the Horizon web interface at
  2. Log in with your UCAMS credentials.
    • Domain: ornl
    • Username: Your three-letter UCAMS ID
    • Password: Your UCAMS password

We can now use Horizon to access your VM Instances using the Console option.

Launch Console

  1. Navigate to ProjectComputeInstances.
  2. Click the ▾ drop-down menu of the Instance you would like to access.
  3. Select Console from the resulting menu.
  4. In the console, input your user credentials.
  5. Upon successful login, you can execute commands on your VM Instance.

📝 Note: To use the Horizon console, you must first add a user and password to the Instance's operating system (via SSH) to enable access to the VM without an SSH key.

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