User-Contributed Tutorials Index

Tutorial Description
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Self service access to AWS resources, billed to an ORNL project provided charge number.
Launch a Docker Container Use programs and applications within a container to avoid altering your machine's environment
Deep Learning Docker Container Use a Docker container to run TensorFlow
Launch Shiny within Docker Shiny creates a web framework for R
Eclipse in CADES HPC Use the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) that supports numerous programming languages
Allinea DDT in CADES HPC A popular debugging tool
Expanding Cloud VM Storage Options for expanding your CADES VM storage
File Transfers Methods of transferring files to and from remote computers, as well as the use of WinSCP
Graphical Interface for SSH in MacOS macOS's terminal has a few hidden gems for file transfers
Creating SSH Aliases Using SSH aliases will save you time connecting to frequently-access remote machines
Accessing Remote Files via a GUI Using SSHFS, you can mount remote data to your filesystem
AWS Nvidia Deep Learning GPU Cloud Launch and use deep learning containers quickly and easily
Python Analytics Server Set up an analytics server (Jupyter notebook) on CADES Cloud
Accessing a Remote Jupyter Notebook Server Use tunneling to access a remote Jupyter Notebook server
Running PyCharm on a CADES Cloud VM Use a sophisticated Python integrated development environment (IDE) on CADES Cloud