Cades Computer Hardware Stardards Policy

The Cades Computer Hardware Stardards Policy seeks to advance the research efforts of Condo users by effectively implementing, maintaining and supporting hardware to meet their computing needs. This policy seeks to achieve the following objectives:

Computer Hardware Definition

Computer hardware is defined as all hardware assests Cades manages in support of user research.

Procurement and Acquisitions

Cades can best provide for the needs of Condo owners by early involvement in procurement and acquisition decisions. Potential Condo owners must confer with Cades to determine whether local expertise for supporting their hardware exists.

Hardware Maintenance and Refresh Cycles

Cades is best able to support hardware on which active warrenties exist and as such recommend that Condo owners include costs for warranties and warranty renewals in their accounting as Condo owners.

Cades also recommends yearly meetings with Condo owners to evaluate the refresh and support cycles for their hardware.

Decommissioning and Disposal

Cades cannot run the same hardware indefinitely and as such embraces decommissioning and disposal of hardware that has reached End-Of-Life(EOL). We determine EOL by considering several factors including the following:


Exceptions to Cades Computer Hardware Stardards Policy must be approved by Cades.