The CADES Scalable HPC (SHPC) Condos consist of two HPC clusters: one in the ORNL Moderate protection zone (CADES Mod) and one in the ORNL Open protection zone (CADES Open). The protection zones contain and control both the software base and the data produced on those systems.

This section outlines the most basic procedures for procuring and using a CADES SHPC Condo allocation.

Requesting access to CADES Open SHPC condos

First setup your UserID:

The first time you join condo or cloud, you will need to set up your CADES user ID in XCAMS. Once you have done this step you will not need to repeat it to join other condo access groups.

Next setup your Condo Access:


If you are accessing the CADES moderate protection zone, write Moderate Condo approver, Mark Baird (, and CC to inquire about access rather than following the steps below.

You can request CADES Open SHPC Condo access by clicking on the appropriate XCAMS registration link for your group. If you do not see your group listed, please contact the CADES team.

The XCAMS registration process will ask you to acknowledge the XCAMS User Agreement and register your UCAMS with an LDAP group or create a new XCAMS user ID and the register it with an LDAP group. Use the steps below to enter your request.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate XCAMS registration link for your group.
  2. Enter your email address (your ORNL address if available) and click Continue.
  3. Review the XCAMS user agreement, and select Agree.
  4. Enter your UCAMS ID (or a new XCAMS user name).
  5. Enter your UCAMS password (or a new XCAMS password).
  6. Click Submit to complete the XCAMS request.

When your resources are ready for use, an activation notice will be dispatched to the email address entered above. This process can take up to 24 hours for birthright access and up to a week for the other condo accesses to complete.

Access Your SHPC Condo Allocation

Once your request for resources has been approved, you can access the SHPC Condo login nodes using SSH. Open and Moderate protection zones each have their own login node. Choose the login node for your protection zone. The instructions below assume that you are on the ORNL network on campus or the ORNL VPN at home. Please see the XCAMS Connection Guide, if you are not ORNL staff, or UCAMS Connection Guide, if you are ORNL staff, for more connection options.

Open Protection Zone

  1. Open a Bash terminal (or PuTTY for Windows users).
  2. Execute ssh replacing "username" with the username you registered above.
  3. When prompted, enter your XCAMS password.
  4. CADES-ARM group only will still use ssh

Moderate Protection Zone

  1. Open a Bash terminal (or PuTTY for Windows users).
  2. Execute ssh replacing "username" with your ORNL UCAMS ID.
  3. When prompted, enter your UCAMS password.

Execute a Job on Your SHPC Allocation

Now that you have access to your allocation through the login node, it is time to do some work. The tutorial linked below, intended for users who are new to the CADES SHPC Condo environment, outlines the basic steps to setting up and executing a job on the SHPC Condo compute nodes.

📖   How to: Execute a Job on Your SHPC Condo Allocation


Do not execute jobs on the login nodes; only use the login nodes to access your compute nodes. Processor-intensive, memory-intensive, or otherwise disruptive processes running on login nodes will be killed without warning.

Getting Help

If at any point you feel stuck and need some help figuring out your next move, please contact the CADES support team at or join our Slack channel at