Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL’s) Compute and Data Environment for Science (CADES) provides eligible customers with an OpenStack cloud computing solution with customizable virtual machines (VM). This resource, called "CADES Cloud,” enables customers in science and technology directorates to leverage self-service portals to rapidly request these VMs for production, testing, and development.

These CADES cloud services are available at no cost to ORNL researchers.

Launch a VM: Quick-Start

Creating and launching a VM Instance is one of the first steps to utilizing your cloud allocation. When launching a VM, you will choose a name for your Instance, which network it will utilize (internal or external), which operating system you would like to run (CentOS or Ubuntu), and which VM flavor (size and specifications) you need for your application.

The following is meant to be used as a minimum-detail quick guide to launching a VM. You may find, at the end of the process, that the VM you have created isn't quite right for your needs. The great thing about using these OpenStack VMs is that you can delete it and start over so that you may change the specifications.

Requesting your CADES Cloud Allocation

Due to space constraints and while we stand up the next generation of cloud, the CADES Cloud is currently closed to new sign-ups from non-research staff at this time. If you need resources please work with your PI to have them run compute resources in an existing CADES Cloud project. If you are a PI and do not have a project please reach out to us for options but submitting a ticket at

For ORNL Research Staff please submit a ticket to to request your birthright.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Creating and launching a VM Instance

What follows is a series of tabs (along the left of the Horizon "Launch Instance" dialog screen). Fill out the information as it pertains to each tab. You may move freely between tabs without losing progress.

Click Launch Instance when you have completed all required sections.

Congratulations! A new instance will be launched. Once fully provisioned, the status will change to "Running," and you can access your VM Instance using SSH (instructions).

Getting Help

For Cloud-specific help requests, ORNL staff should use the Service Now form, and external Cloud users, who do not have access to ORNL’s internal networks, should send cloud help requests via email to

More Details About Launching a VM

  1. Log in to Horizon, name your VM
  2. Choose a flavor, image, and boot source
  3. Set up a security group
  4. Configure a key pair for accessing the VM