Delete a Volume from Your Project

If you decide to delete a VM Instance, you may still have its associated Volume left behind (i.e., Delete Volume on Instance Delete was set to No when you launched the Instance). Use the following procedure if you wish to delete a Volume.

Log in to Horizon

  1. Navigate to the Horizon web interface at
  2. Log in with your UCAMS credentials.
    • Domain: ornl
    • Username: Your three-letter UCAMS ID
    • Password: Your UCAMS password

From here, you can delete the Volume from your Project.

Delete a Volume

  1. Navigate to ProjectComputeVolumes.
  2. In the Volumes screen, ensure that the Volume is not in use by any VM Instance.
  3. Click the ▾ drop-down menu of the volume you wish to delete.
  4. Select Delete Volume from the resulting menu.
  5. Click Delete Volume in the resulting dialog.
  6. Confirm that the Volume is no longer listed in the Volumes screen.

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